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Welcome to, a collaborative, open-access web resource for scientists and scholars engaged in paleobotanical research.

Our Goal

The goal of is to bring together the archaeobotany community to share data, information, and expertise for the common purpose of improving the identification of archaeobotanical specimens. We provide a platform for researchers to upload and share reference collection images and to engage in collaborative identification of unknown archaeobotanical specimens. We also support the sharing of identification guides and informational videos on paleobotanical methods, and we encourage researchers to upload profiles that facilitate communication, networking, and collaboration.

How to use this website

Using the search bar at the top of the page, you can search or browse our collection of botanical images at any time. You can access our non-collection resources at any time by clicking the relevant resource displayed in the navigation bar at the left side of the page. If you choose to create a user profile, you will be able to upload your own images, leave comments on other submissions, and bookmark images of interest. You will also be able to access our Papers section of the website, where members can upload and share PDF's of their unpublished work.

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